Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lessons we've learned in Saudi

Our week was full of some great time together! I wrote in the title lessons we've learned in Saudi as kind of an update to the one I posted shortly after we arrived in Saudi. Michael and I had a date night last night thanks to our awesome babysitter who came to watch the girls for us! As we drove Kohbar we reflected on some of the things we've learned since being here. But before I get to that I'll share some of our happenings from this week!

We took Macey's training wheels off to see if she could ride without them. We quickly learned that she just doesn't have enough core strength to keep it up. Got to give her credit for trying!
 One day this week I took Macey and one of her friends to the duck pond. They loved going and the ducks love to see us, too!

 Macey is always getting ahold of my phone or camera.. Usually I see her feet, the floor, T.V. and other pictures but this one she took of herself!
 Crafting with Christina - This weeks projects:

 We got a package from Gammie this week! She sent a sheet of stickers! Caley decided her stickers needed to be all over herself! Great fun for her!
What caption would you put here??  Looks like Macey is walking away laughing because Caley can't climb the tree!

 Macey quickly jumps up and say "Look sister it isn't that hard!" Caley pouting because she can't get in the tree! Oh, the fun they have together!!!

Our community had a a Spring Bazar and Dessert Designs was there! I found a bookcase and a drawer organizer that matches the table I want! hopefully when we are ready to buy them, they'll still be available or they can make one!

 On our date night it decided to rain on us! Reminds me of the quick down pours we get in Texas where the sun is still shinning! Luckily it didn't last long!
So to the lessons we've learned in Saudi!
Animal are hauled around in Toyota Trucks like this one. These are sheep but we have seen a camel in the back of one of these trucks!

When you got to go to the bathroom:
Women - Always go before prayer time.. And if you must, just use the potty with a whole in it instead of wasting your time waiting for a western toilet because you're going to wait awhile! Plus the one at the mall has toilet paper! Just pray you don't pee on yourself!
Men - Don't go after prayer especial if you have to go bad...coming from Michael, He says that there are stalls for them men to use, like in the women's bathroom. But the long urinal looking thing is not a place to use the bathroom. It's for the men to wash there feet after praying! He said while you are waiting the water is running constantly behind you where the men are washing their feet and your patiently waiting to use the restroom! 

The best time to eat is to go  to a restaurant 10-15 minutes before prayer time so that you can be served your food and eat it during prayer time instead of just waiting around for places to open!

We both vowed to NEVER complain about standing in a Walmart line again. Just try spending 30-40 minutes in line at IKEA after prayer time and they have 15 plus lanes open! It's craziness! About half way through you start to ask yourself, is it really worth getting this stuff and  standing in these li!ne but you go ahead and stay because you've already committed half the time already!

Driving - I am SO GLAD I don't drive on these roads! It's literally like a race track with people dodging this way and that way on the highway! The line on the road are merely suggestions! Oh, and on top of that you have to watch for pedestrians because there will be people trying to cross the highway!Every lane is a turning lane! It doesn't matter if it says the left lane is the only turn lane because somebody in the center lane and possible the right lane will turn left in front of you!  You must allow and hour time for traffic because you'll never know if you'll get caught in it!

If you must go into town, go in Saturday! It's less crowed in the stores and on the roads. Friday nights are CRAZY!!!

I think that is all for now! I'll leave you with the following picture!!! LOL

I love you honey!!!
Until next time be blessed!!
The Myers

Friday, February 28, 2014

A reflection of the life we are living...

As I begin to write this week, I've been very reflective of the changes we have gone through over the last six and half months. We made some HUGE sacrifices to uproot our family and move half way around the world. We separated ourselves from our family and dear friends, Although technology has sure helped make this a bit easier. Not sure if I could or would have made this transition without Skype, What's App and email. But, we all know that life is ever evolving and changing for the greater and the not so great. We've made great friends here and that sure has helped us in  or transition! But, this week and last week there have been deaths in the families of some dear friends. One family lives here in Saudi and another lives back home in Texas. It's so hard to lose a loved one and it make me cringe to think about it ever happening in my family even though one day I know it will happen. Sometimes I wish I could twinkle my nose and hop over to hug our friends during their pain. I feel left out not being able to support them! But then, there is another side to this and that is we have friends who are expecting or who have had a baby.  I so wish I could see their beautiful faces and their growing bellies and see them transition into parenthood, or hold their little ones. I guess it can be said that I may be missing home a little bit...
Then I look at what we have here and think, well this is the path we have taken. It all seemed to line up just as it was suppose to. We as a family see more of each other now than ever before. I'm getting to raise my babies, caring for them and not letting a daycare take care of them all day because I have to work. It really is a dream, a dream that has felt so good. Michael and I still are in awe of what we have done and the memories we are creating.
Enough rambling, just felt the need to purge some of the feeling going on in my head!
Last week the girls and I met Michael up at the Surf house for lunch then played on the beach for a bit before he returned to work. We haven't done this in awhile but I think we will be doing it at least once a week until it is too, hot! The girls sure love their Daddy and do miss him when he isn't home for lunch!

 Relaxing, taking in the sounds/smells of the ocean and watching my girls play before returning to work! From Michael

 The beach has many treasures. Macey found some coral and was very interested in it.
 "Hey kids what do you do during lunch?" "We, go to the beach and get all giggly sticking our feet in the water!!" Says the girls on lunch break!
Last week we went into town. We were trying to find the craft store. Which we finally did after visiting Dessert Designs and getting directions from them! They have this beautiful stairway with a mosaic pretty!
I got several orders this week for tooth fairy pillows. Here are the ones that I did this week. I am so excited about doing these and the fun the kids will have when they loose their teeth! I've got ten more order to fill after posting this on Face Book! I love it!!

 Friday's here have become a jewel to us. We get up when the girls get up. Make coffee (which I don't drink, but Michael and Macey, do!) Make breakfast, relax, watch some T.V., poke around on the internet ,be lazy....Well, that is what happened today. To a T. Then we went out to the yacht club! Seems so yuppie to say...But we were the only ones there. I packed a lunch, brought the girls toys and we had a great time relaxing, playing and enjoying the beautiful weather that we have had!

The life guard were there and they were cleaning up the beach. We walked in front of them to try and find some neat looking shells. We found plenty of shell but we also discovered this...
 OIL! I guess that is what you'll find when there is a refinery not but five to ten miles from here.
 Daddy taking the girls on the rocks!!!

 The girls and I, don't like the picture but it was the only one that looked good of all three of us! I was trying to get Macey to settle done since she was jumping all around!!!
 I've always seen people post these kind of pictures and now I can!!!
 What is this place to them? A GIANT sandbox!!!
 "Oooh, Look Mommy, Look what I found!!!" All the treasures in the world to them!!!
 panoramic view of this morning!

 Macey, showing off how she does her squats!!!
 Oh, can we say Sassy Girl!!!

 I said earlier that we use technology all the time. This morning we were talking to Hazel and Gammy. Yesterday we talked with Grandpa and Grandma Kitty, Grandma and Uncle Chris. Love that the girls will grow up knowing their family and their faces and not just their names!
Until next time ((HUGS)) From the Myers!!!